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Ink Jet, Silk Screen & Offset Printing
On Disc Professional Print.



Excellent quality full color ideal for text and logo imprinting.
Same day service at no extra cost and no set up fees.
WYSIWYG from your PNG art right to printed disc.


UV inks used will not smudge, scratch or fade.
Serialization / Variable Data including Barcode printing.
Extra cost & production time required.


This is the best printing process but only available on large replication projects.
The overall appearance adds MAXIMUM value to your brand image.
Added service of “Serialization / Variable Data”, including Barcode printing.
NO extra cost when done with replication order.


All instruction must be followed.
Don’t include cropping or center hole marks on the art file, because they may be too small or off center.
Our RIP software handles these parameters. If you include crop or center hole marks then it is highly
possible that the white flood won’t be correctly aligned with the image.


#1: All artwork should be on an art board / canvas size of 120mm x 120mm.
  • This canvas must be square, the ratio of height and width must be 1:1
  • The software will distort the image on the canvas if it is not the correct ratio
#2: Artwork should be 360 dpi but not less than 300 dpi – lower resolution will reduce color balance and definition.
  • Resolution for raster files should not be less than 300 dpi
  • Images in vector files should not be under 300 dpi
#3: Images should always be saved as Generic CMYK color setting.
  • This is important so that the is printer will not alter the color!
  • Images in vector files should not be under 300 dpi.
#4: File formats accepted are: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, EPS, & PS.
  • PDF files must be mono level
  • PDF file must contain all the fonts used in the image.
#5: Image should not be cropped; RIP software performs required center knockout and external mask.
It's preferrable that the inside and outside diameters are not cut away, as this
will force changes to match the white flood to the image. If possible the image should
be left complete, so that the software masks off at a standard
dimension allowing one standard composite image to be used.
  • If image is cut away for the outside and inside diameters make sure image covers the 120mm X 120mm flood area.
  • Make sure image is centered with the square of the canvas.
  • File name must not exceed 100 letters and may not contain special characters like "&%#@!$.:;*^()/_\.
#6: Whenever possible, text should be created as paths / outlines / vectors as this will create much ‘crisper’
text and more importantly removes any issues with fonts.

Same Day

Ink Jet, Silk Screen & Offset on disc printing,
for the ultimate in professional results.

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