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Replication Prices Starting at 40 Cents


Replication Vs Duplication:

The playability of replication versus duplication has a negligible factor as long as quality standards are observed in each process. The turn time of replication is often 15 days. Duplication turn time can be achieved in as little as 1 day. There are additional costs associated with replication which don’t neccessarily apply in duplication orders. Which process should you choose depends partly on your quantity needs. We recommend replication for projects requiring in excess of 3,000 CDs or DVDs.

Top Quality & Savings:

All replication companies are not the same. Inconsistencies in raw plastic for the modeling process both in quality and plastic temperature can adversly affect your project. Quality control with us is rigid. Our prices are maybe the best you’ll find in the U.S.A. when you factor in quality and speed of service.

Let Our Experience Work for You:

With us you’ll get the industry’s highest quality DVD replication services at our lowest practical cost. Our consistent quality in accordance with Read-Only Disc DVD specifications is why we are often chosen over many other competing companies. Throughout the process of manufacturing our stringent quality control eliminates defective discs.

CD Replication:

Let us manufacture your CD project. We can cut CDs to almost any size or shape to fit your project specification. Standard CDs hold 650 MB of data equivalent while mini CDs are 3 inches in diameter and hold 180 MB.

DVD Replication:

Is the process of “pressing” manufacturing raw plastic into two disc halves then bonding them
together resulting in one of the following:
DVD Hybrids

These are the types of DVD discs which can be produced:
DVD-5 – Single Sided/Single Layer (4.7GB)
DVD-9 – Single Sided/Dual Layer (8.5GB)
DVD-10 – Double Sided/Single Layer (9.4.GB)

CSS Encryption:

Copy protection encryption is available in the replication process to protect your project from content piracy.

Important & Required:

To combat content piracy you must fill out the IPR Form and submit it with your order.

Customer Media Data Certification


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We Will Save You Time And Money!

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